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Running a business in Japan is tough. Complex HR questions just make it tougher.

  • Don’t embarrass yourself by not knowing the answers to your employees’ HR questions.
  • Don’t make time-consuming and costly human resource policy mistakes.
  • Don’t get into legal problems because you misunderstand current labor laws.

At HR Experts we understand that your time and resources are limited. Managers and business owners shouldn’t have to struggle to keep up with the latest Japanese HR rules and regulations.


Focus on Your Business, While We Focus on HR Answers

At HR Experts we have the HR capabilities and knowledge that every business needs but not all can afford. Our consultants are all Japanese HR professionals with years of experience in a wide range of industries and organizations throughout Japan. They are experts in local HR rules and fully understand the customs and traditions when it comes to dealing with people matters in local companies.

Our passion is helping clients like you grow your business by doing the heavy lifting on tough HR management questions. Have peace of mind knowing you can TRUST our HR Experts to give you the correct and appropriate advice, today.

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Life is better now as it has been very easy to convincingly communicate with our Head Office about local issues related to the Japanese workplace, thanks to HR Experts.


Since using HR Experts I have been telling all my friends in small business to use them, too. It is just so convenient and easy to use.


Many of my staff are unsure about changes to work rules and the specific needs of our HR business partners, so HR Advisory has been a great resource for us.


Current Client Success Stories

Read how HR Advisory Service is helping clients
solve their Japanese Human Resource challenges
HR Support Staff

Digital Marketing Company

A small Digital Marketing company with around 12 people. A young lady in her late 20’s is in charge of General Affairs, Human Resources and Finance. Her expertise was mainly in recruiting as that was her previous role for 3 years before joining this company.

Upon joining, the President gave her a copy of the labor laws and work rules manual. Any time she needed to deal with matters other than recruiting, she would take out the manual and spend 1-2 hours at a time trying to find a solution or answer to her problem.

This is a waste of her time and not productive use of her skills. By using HR Advisory, her answers and solutions are just a phone call away. She and her President feel it’s much more productive and better use of her skills.

Human Resource Contracts

IT Services Company

The Office Manager of this fast growing company was starting to find her job getting very complex and busy, with some employees working from home, others on contracts, and freelancers as well as full time employees present at the office everyday.

The company of 35 people and growing rapidly did not have a HR resource to look after all the issues starting to arise with this sudden growth and the Office Manager was finding herself becoming overwhelmed by it all. She was on the verge of leaving the company because of the stress of her job.

Now, with HR Advisory support she is optimistic about her future in the company and enjoys meeting her daily challenges.

Small business HR

Foreign Affiliated Importer

A small company (8 staff and more needed), run by the foreign President who has worked in Japan before but not as the leader of a small enterprise. He was finding himself actually becoming frustrated and worried about whether he was following local law by the book or whether he was relying too much on his Administration Assistant for local advice.

Sometimes the information he received didn’t make sense and as busy as he was, he couldn’t take the time to look it up himself to get the facts.

Now, a phone call from him in English to HR Advisory or from his Administration Assistant in Japanese takes away a lot of pressure, and assures him that his business is in good hands from a HR perspective.

Meet Our Experts


Country Manager Japan

25 years of experience in manufacturing, finance, retailing, pharmaceutical, insurance, technology, and consumer goods.



Senior Advisor, HR Advisory Department

24 years of experience providing HR solutions to all kinds of small businesses across many different industries.


HR Expert

20 years of experience in a wide range of industries and dealing with large and small organizations, both domestic and foreign affiliated.



HR Expert

10 years experience across a number of different industries including organizations affiliated in Japan, the United States and China.



HR Expert

15 years of experience in a variety of industries including insurance and M&A consulting.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to help HR in Japan become transparent and modernized. We are passionate about helping small businesses in Japan lower costs and have proper HR systems and processes in place to be successful. Our motivation is to help HR professionals to work in a way that suits their daily needs while being able to maintain their HR skills and standard of living.