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Introduction by Country Manager Japan
Craig Kirkwood

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HRExperts is a new concept to Japan, we are a HR services company focusing on your people, profit, productivity and efficiencies, and as you know, when your personnel don’t have the time, skill set or resources to tackle every aspect of HR, your entire business can suffer.  Our goal is to ensure your HR area runs smoothly, so you can focus on driving other aspects of your company.

HRExperts grew from a desire to:
1. Give small to medium sized businesses the peace of mind and the security larger companies enjoy,
2. Assist the HR Departments of larger companies to be able to get all the good things done you want to do but just can’t get around to because of day to day issues constantly getting in your way.
For the first time, this peace of mind will come to you from successful HR management and implementation by us at HRExperts. Your business will thrive when your employees are happy, focused and well looked after.  Importantly, they will also know that their company’s HR policies and procedures will stand up when challenged.

Our Values

To give you our highest priority and ensure your HR practices support and meet your business objectives.
To provide our HR services to you that will make a measurable return on your investment and are compliant with Japanese labor rules and workplace practices.
To bring “best practice” and advanced HR processes to you no matter how big your company.
To ensure those of you without HR practices and processes can develop a comprehensive program that will be practical and administered by our HR experts in a cost-effective way.
With a range of HR skills, practices, tools and administration, our HR experts will work with you to provide affordable, “best practice” and efficient HR services that satisfy all your needs.  We are simple to engage, transparent in our work ethic and have all the answers you will ever need to tackle HR in Japan.
Whether you require a whole HR overhaul or a single policy developed, HRExperts can develop and tailor a solution to meet your needs and budget.

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Ph: 03-6805-1324 Email: info@hrexperts.jp