HR Advisory Services Agreement


Article 1 (Terms & Conditions)
These terms and conditions stipulate the rights and obligations of all Members who use the HR Advisory Service (hereinafter referred to as the “Services”) provided by KW Corporation trading as HR Experts (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”).

Article 2 (Definition of terms)
Each term has the following meaning.
-Members: Two persons from each company can register for the service of the Company unless otherwise previously arranged.
-Services: Service to make enquiries regarding Human Resource related matters by telephone or email, HR Project work is separate to this Service and can be discussed on a case by case basis.
Refer Scope of Work (APPENDIX I)

Article 3 (Modification of the Terms)
1. These terms and conditions apply to the use of all Services by members and the Company. Members are deemed to have agreed to the Terms of Use.
2. The Company shall be able to change the Terms without obtaining the consent of the Member, and the Member shall comply with the modified Terms of Service for all conditions.
In addition, the company can suspend or revise all or part of the Service.

Article 4 (Application for Service)
When applying for admission to the service, apply from the application form for HR advisory service on our website.

Article 5 (Agreement for Membership Application)
Once we receive the completed Registration form and agreement of terms for Service, the Company will send an email confirming receipt and hence confirmation of Registration for Services. However, if the following matters apply, the Company will not accept the application.
(1) If there is a false or incomplete entry in the membership application form.
(2) If the applicant does not follow the method designated by the Company for payment methods such as fees.
(3) When it is recognized that the applicant is likely to infringe the copyright and other rights related to the Service. (Other companies in the same industry)
(4) When it is recognized that the applicant for membership may violate the terms and conditions.
(5) In addition, if the Company determines that the applicant for membership is inappropriate as a Member.

Article 6 (Service start date)
The service shall commence from the date of the confirmation email by the Company.

Article 7 (Monthly fee)
1. The Company shall define the Service charge as a monthly subscription of ¥ 9,500 JPY (tax not included) and notify Members by displaying it on the Company website.
2. The Company shall be able to change the price set forth in the preceding paragraph. Members will be notified directly by email and a post on the company’s website.

Article 8 (Payment method)
1. In principle, the Members shall pay the subscription charge by direct debit of their nominated bank account. In cases where this is not possible or feasible, other payment arrangements will be made.
In addition, bank automatic debit application documents mailed from our company after admission shall be returned to our company within 10 days of receipt.
2. All bank fees, etc. for the transfer up to the start of automatic withdrawal will be borne by Members.
3. Payment will be in advance and automatically withdrawn at the end of the last month for Service of the following month. If the end of the month is a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, the previous business day of holiday will be the withdrawal day.

Article 9 (Resignation Procedure and Charge)
1. Members may suspend the use of this Service and may withdraw from the Service upon request. In that case, a request for withdrawal must be submitted to the Company by the 20th of the month the Members wish to stop. If the 20th of the month has passed, the end of the following month will be the wit withdrawal date. (Example: 3/19 withdrawal request → 3/30 withdrawal, 3/27 withdrawal request → 4/30 withdrawal)
2. With the withdrawal of Members, the Company shall not reimburse usage fees, or any other money already received.

Article 10 (Requests for change of Members)
1. If a change occurs in the Members originally reported to the Company at the time of application for using the Service, the Members shall promptly inform the changes to the Company accordingly.
2. If the Member is delayed in making the appropriate changes under the preceding paragraph, the Company shall not compensate for the loss of membership days.

Article 11 (Prohibition of “right to use” transfer or sale)
The Company prohibits the act of transferring or selling the right to use the Service to a third party, making a change of name, setting a pledge, or providing other collateral, unless there is a previous agreement confirmed with the Company.

Article 12 (Indemnity)
1. With regard to the Service, neither express nor implied warranty of any kind is given by the Company and shall be provided only at the time of provision.
2. If both parties cause damage to a third party by using the Service, they shall solve it at their own risk and shall not cause any damage, loss or disadvantage to the Company.

Article 13 (Termination)
1. If the Company determines that the Members fall within the following areas in any way, the Company shall without prior notification terminate the Members use of all Services in advance:
It shall be possible to resume Service to the Members when such a violation as below disappears.
(1) In the event of breach of any of the terms of this Agreement.
(2) In the case of acting against the Company interests.
(3) In the case of a petition for bankruptcy.
(4) In the case where it is recognized that the business operation of the Service will be hindered.
(5) Other cases where the Company deems the Member to be inappropriate as a user.
2. If the Company suffers a loss in any way if the Members fall within any of the preceding areas, the Company shall be able to claim compensation accordingly.

Article 14 (Effect of Termination of Service)
1. If the Company terminates the use of the Service in accordance with Article 14 (effect of Termination of Service) and Article 13 (Termination), Members lose the right to use the Service.
2. All provisions regarding the Members’ responsibilities and all restrictions on Members shall remain in full effect after the end of the Members’ term,
And regardless of the lapse of time, the Company shall not be liable for any damage caused by the violation of the terms and the restriction.

Article 15 (Cancellation and Interruption of Services)
1. In connection with the operation of the Service, the Company shall monitor the use of the Service and, if deemed necessary, restrict access to the service at its own discretion.
It can.
2. The Company shall be able to suspend the operation of the Service if any of the following issues apply.
(1) When performing regular or urgent maintenance of the Service’s system and platform.
(2) War, riots, mayhem, labor disputes, earthquakes, eruptions, floods, tsunamis, fires, blackouts, and other emergencies.
If you
(3) In addition, when the Company judges that temporary interruption is necessary in the operation of the Service.
3. When the Company suspends or suspends the operation of the service under the provisions of the preceding paragraph, it shall notify the Members to that effect in advance. However, if it is in an emergency, this may not apply.
4. The Company shall not be liable for any damages incurred by Members or third parties due to the occurrence of restrictions on access to the Services, due to suspension or interruption of services.
No liability shall be assumed for any reason.

Article 16 (Use of information)
1. The Company shall collect personal information that the Company uses in the process of providing the Service and use it for that purpose so as to provide the Service to the Members.
2. Personal information in the preceding paragraph is used only for the purpose of providing product information for the Company.
It will not be disclosed to third parties except in cases where
(1) The Company entrusts a third party to conduct work within the Company as part of maintaining or repairing/updating the Service and only when that third party has signed a contract regarding handling of personal information,
(2) The Company will not provide personal information used to provide Services to non-contracted third parties or deposit the personal information of the Members with a direct mail agency company or similar entity.
(3) When disclosure is required by a national agency, etc. by forced disposition based on the Code of Criminal Procedure and other laws.
(4) When we disclose to our group companies for the reason of outsourcing service operation, business transfer, etc.
3. Members can request that we disclose the members’ personal information held by us to users.
4. As a result of the disclosure in the preceding paragraph, if there is an error in the personal information, the Members may request the Company to correct or delete the personal information.

Article 17 (Attribution of Rights)
1. Based on information from the Service, Members may use that information with third parties in any way they deem fit.
Shall not be able to
2. If a dispute arises in violation of the provisions of this Article, each party shall settle such dispute at his own expense and responsibility.

Article 18 (Assignment)
The Company shall transfer the rights based on the terms to other companies without having the prior consent of the Members and shall allow the Company to assume the obligations under the terms, and the Members agree without any objection.

Article 19 (Disclaimer)
Provisions shall be made separately regarding delay, changes, suspension, and termination of the Service provision, or loss of information registered or provided through the Service, and damages of Members or third parties arising in connection with other services. Each party needs to be responsible for their own negligence.

Article 20 (Limit of damages)
If the Company or Member is ever found liable for damages in connection with the use of the Service, each party will accept responsibility for their own negligence in accordance with common law practices.

Article 21 (General)
1. In the case of disputes between Members and the Company in relation to Services, the parties concerned shall consult in good faith.
2. If the matter is not resolved after consultation according to the preceding paragraph, the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive jurisdiction court of the first trial.
Supplementary Provisions These rules shall be implemented from June 2019.



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