Join Us as an HR Expert

You are a HR Practitioner who for various reasons cannot work full time at the moment. You may have school aged children to care for or ailing parents, perhaps you are in between jobs or maybe you just want to get out of the 9-6 grind and live life on your own terms. Whatever your reason, working with us as a HR Expert may be the best option for you. Being able to speak English is a plus but not a requirement, native Japanese is most important as our clients are mainly Japanese HR Staff. Please read on.

The HR Expert role is a part time, project by project role where HR practitioners such as you can work for us from home and occasionally on-site for meetings and updates etc. Our clients have numerous needs that have to be met, such as creation of Job Descriptions, Structuring of salary grades/levels and linking that to bonus and appraisal systems, On-boarding, HR health checks, training, talent management and much more. The work is diverse and interesting, the pay very good and the hours and conditions are set by you, the HR Expert.

We see this as making the best use of an as yet untapped talent pool in Japan. The underlying trend in Japan’s workforce is a shift from organizational work to project work. The shift is driven by the need to hire more flexible labor, as companies confront increased global competition. It also arises from a growing number of skilled workers seeking economic independence through self employment.

It is a win-win situation whereby you are able to work on your own terms while earning an income, you get to keep your HR skills up-to-date and even build on them further while working with us on all kinds of interesting and challenging projects.

We are not a Temp agency or Recruitment firm.

We provide HR services to large and small organizations alike to fill the gaps left by the shortage of HR talent in the Japanese labor market. Our client base at HRExperts is growing and the workload is increasing, so we need to add to our HR Experts team of people in Japan to keep up

Please register your interest to work with us and we will be in touch with you immediately to discuss the next steps.