Kimiko Honda

Kimiko Honda
Senior Advisor, HR Advisory Department

Current Role:
Kimiko Honda’s 24 years of knowledge and experience of Japanese Human Resources Management, including labor, general affairs and financial skill enables her to be an expert on most topics/problems that will arise within a HR Department. She is a hands-on type of Manager and can ensure all questions asked of her will be answered in the best and clearest way possible.
She is at the peak of her career and enjoys all the complexity and issues HR in Japan involves, she sees this current role as an opportunity to pass on her HR knowledge in Japan to small businesses in need of help and advice from an HR Expert.

Corporate HR Experience:

・Leadership of social insurance/benefits (new hires, resignations, personal information changes)
・Leadership of salary, employee benefits, welfare, developed benefits plans in line with organizational objectives
・Implemented labor and workforce initiatives reflecting management and organizational values and policy positions, supported in-house activation accordingly
・Review and restructure various personnel systems, regulations, employment rules, and policy guidelines.
・Leadership of accounting, tax control and budgeting efforts.
・Leadership of employee, business and partner contracts, license agreements.

Industry Experience:

A career in HR and Administration has been all she knows, hence her in-depth expertise as a HR practitioner. Since starting out as head of the administration department for a US branch office in Tokyo, she has climbed the HR career ladder by gaining experience with a foreign affiliated IT Consulting and systems development company managing all facets of HR including Finance and Legal.
Her next roles enabled her to deepen her general HR experience in personnel and general affairs.

Client Experience:

She has had a wide range of HR and GA roles in various industries and as a consultant has provided HR solutions to all kinds of small businesses across many different industries, this experience is extremely valuable to her present role as a Senior Advisor providing answers to questions raised by small businesses.