Real Examples of Businesses in Need of HR Advisory Services

Digital Marketing Company
A small Digital Marketing company with around 12 people.  A young lady in her late 20’s was in charge of General Affairs, Human Resources and Finance.  Her expertise was mainly in recruiting as that was her previous role for 3 years before joining this company.

Upon joining, the President gave her a copy of the labor laws and work rules manual.  Any time she needed to deal with matters other than recruiting, she would take out the manual and spend 1-2 hours at a time trying to find a solution or answer to her problem.

This is a waste of her time and not productive use of her skills.  By using HR Advisory, her answers and solutions are a phone call away, much more productive and better use of her skills.

Tech Start-Up
A very strong C&B (compensation and benefits) specialist from a consulting company started work as an in-house C&B specialist for a mid-size retailer as a means to enhance his C&B skills so as to obtain a wider perspective for the whole C&B area.  He really liked being in-house within the HR Department and wanted to become a HR generalist rather than just a well rounded C&B specialist.

He found another job with a start-up consisting of 22 people.  His role was HR Manager, he achieved his aim of becoming a HR Manager but didn’t yet have all the skills he needed to be a true HR generalist.  In this case, it would be best for him to make use of our HR expertise which is just a call away at HR Advisory.  Any areas of HR he wasn’t confident with he could ask us and feel assured that the answer was correct and exactly what he needed for his specific problems or issues.

IT Services Company
The Office Manager of this fast growing company is starting to find her job getting very complex and busy, with some employees working from home, others on contracts, and freelancers as well as full time employees present at the office everyday.

The company of 35 people and growing rapidly did not have a HR resource to look after all the issues starting to arise with this sudden growth and the Office Manager is finding herself becoming overwhelmed by it all.  She is on the verge of leaving the company because of the stress of her job.

Foreign Affiliated Importer
A small company (8 staff and more needed), run by the foreign President who has worked in Japan before but not as the leader of a small enterprise. He is finding himself actually becoming frustrated and worried about whether he is following local law by the book or whether he is relying too much on his Administration Assistant for local advice.  Sometimes the information he has received from her just doesn’t make sense and as busy as he is, he can’t take the time to look it up himself to get the facts.  A phone call from him in English to HR Advisory or from his Administration Assistant in Japanese would take away a lot of pressure, and assure him that his business is in good hands from a HR perspective because of the solid, quick advice he receives on all matters HR from HR Experts.

Retailer – 3 Stores
This small business is having trouble recruiting the right people and keeping them engaged in the business.  Their new hires are finding it difficult to adapt to various customer demands and are always complaining to management about lack of resources, not enough training development, long hours etc.  Management are finding that they have to attend the stores because their staff are not fully capable of managing by themselves.  Management feel they are running around in circles and know they need to bring consistency and smooth processes into the business to help their staff  but are not sure what would be best first.

Finance Company
This is a growing company with around 15 employees.  Things tend to run smoothly most of the time but sometimes a staff problem arises and can cause trouble and downtime for a number of staff at once and in particular for the President. It would be great for this company to have a HR resource they could reach out to who would give them true and accurate advice at a reasonable cost.  This kind of service would give them the confidence that if anything was to happen or they needed urgent information about HR matters they could get it by just a phone call.